Docking station Merbau 1


Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7
Materials: American walnut  covered with beeswax and butter; acrylic

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Tired of rummaging through piles of stuff on the table or browsing the room frantically in search of your phone’s ringtone? With this docking station, you can easily locate your gadget at all times. Station I provides an accessible place to conveniently charge your iPhone in a vertical position, allowing you to quickly respond to messages and calls.

The upright design also allows you to easily read and view your iPhone as it charges. Placeyour phone on the station and watch Youtube videos or read morning news at your convenience.

No need to worry about spills, falls or heavy items accidentally being placed onto your phone. By charging the iPhone upright, the design of this docking station protects your device fromunwanted damages i.e. cracks, chips and scratches.

The docking station’s anti-slip silicone feet are reinforced by aspecial adhesive tape (micro suction tape). The nano-technologyallows you to “stick” the docking station to any flat surface securely. When secured, you can easily removeyour iPhone from the station with a single, swift movement. No need to hold the station — it will not flip or fall down.

The minimalist,sleekdesignmakes the docking station asmart addition for both home and office interiors.

The design is made frompremium quality, eco-friendly materials that guarantee your station will last for years.

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one gadget station


iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7


3 ¾ x 3 in (95x75mm)


American walnut covered with beeswax and butter; acrylic


Lightning- cable, micro suction tape for fixing the station to a surface.


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